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These Glock build kits are perfect for anyone looking to build their own custom Glock handgun or to upgrade their current one. Our kits include all the necessary parts and components, including complete glock slides, barrel, and internal parts.


The specific parts included in the kit may vary depending on the model of the Glock being built. However, typical parts included in a complete build kit may include the slide, barrel, recoil spring assembly, lower parts kit, magazine, and sights.

It depends on the specific build kit being sold. Some kits may be designed for a specific Glock model, while others may be compatible with multiple models. It’s important to verify compatibility before purchasing a build kit.

Yes, some additional assembly and fitting may be required to build a Glock from a kit. The level of assembly and fitting required can vary depending on the kit and the builder’s skill level.

Yes, building a Glock from a kit requires some special tools and skills. At a minimum, a builder will need a set of basic hand tools, including screwdrivers, pliers, and punches. 

The parts included in a build kit can be either OEM or aftermarket, depending on the manufacturer and the specific kit being sold. Some kits may include all OEM parts, while others may include a mix of OEM and aftermarket parts.