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We offer a wide selection of parts to customize, upgrade, and replace the frame of your pistol. Our frame parts are made from durable materials and are designed to improve the performance, accuracy, and overall shooting experience of your Glock. Whether you’re looking for a new trigger, ejector, locking block or a new magazine release, we have the perfect parts to complete your Glock build for you.


Commonly replaced or upgraded Glock frame parts may include triggers, trigger connectors, trigger springs, slide stops, slide lock springs, magazine catches, and grip enhancers. These parts are often replaced or upgraded to customize the trigger pull, improve ergonomics, enhance grip texture, or add other features to the Glock handgun.

Installing aftermarket Glock frame parts typically involves disassembling the Glock handgun, removing the original frame parts, and then installing the aftermarket parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s important to follow proper safety protocols, such as ensuring the firearm is unloaded and keeping fingers away from the trigger during installation.

Improper installation or use of Glock frame parts can potentially affect the reliability or safety of the Glock handgun. It’s crucial to use genuine Glock or reputable aftermarket parts, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and ensure the proper fit and function of the parts. Modifications or upgrades to frame parts can potentially impact the trigger pull weight, trigger travel, reset distance, or other aspects of the firearm’s operation, which may affect reliability or safety. Consulting a qualified gunsmith or following the manufacturer’s instructions is recommended to ensure reliable and safe firearm operation.