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Our slide parts are made from high-quality materials and are designed to improve the performance, accuracy, and overall shooting experience of your Glock handgun.


In a Glock handgun, the locking block is a key component of the firearm’s locking mechanism. It is a rectangular-shaped metal piece that is typically located in the lower frame of the handgun and works in conjunction with the barrel and slide to ensure proper operation and safety.

The locking block in a Glock handgun functions by providing a mechanical interface between the barrel and the slide. When the handgun is fired, the locking block engages with the barrel and prevents it from moving forward under the pressure of the fired round. This allows the slide to cycle, eject the spent casing, and chamber a new round. Once the slide is fully rearward, the locking block disengages from the barrel, allowing it to tilt and unlock from the slide, and then move forward to chamber a new round.

Signs of a worn or damaged locking block in a Glock handgun may include increased slide movement or “slop” when the handgun is in battery (fully assembled and ready to fire), failure to properly lock the barrel and slide together, difficulty in cycling the slide or chambering a round, abnormal wear patterns on the locking block or other related components, or malfunctions such as failure to extract, eject, or feed properly.