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We offer a wide selection of parts to customize and enhance the slide of your Glock pistol. Our slide parts are made from high-quality materials and are designed to improve the performance, accuracy, and overall shooting experience of your Glock. Whether you’re looking for a new barrel, recoil spring or even a slide completion kit, we have the perfect slide parts for you.


Upgrading to a complete slide or threaded barrel for Glock 17 or 19 can offer several benefits, including improved accuracy due to enhanced barrel fit and quality, increased durability with higher-grade materials, and the ability to attach accessories such as optics or suppressors for enhanced shooting capabilities. Additionally, aftermarket slides or barrels may offer unique aesthetic options for customization to suit personal preferences.

No, aftermarket Glock slides or barrels are not always compatible with all Glock models and generations. They are typically designed to be specific to certain Glock models and generations, so it’s important to check compatibility before making a purchase. Each Glock model and generation may have unique specifications, dimensions, and features that can affect compatibility with aftermarket parts.

Installing a complete slide or threaded barrel on a Glock handgun generally involves disassembling the firearm, removing the original slide or barrel, and then installing the aftermarket parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This process may require specific tools and technical knowledge.